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About Our Company

At J Custom Siding we strive to provide the highest quality house siding solutions to customers all across the United States by connecting them with the most knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy vinyl siding companies and siding contractors in their area. This makes it possible for homeowners all over the country to find high quality results for the exteriors of their homes without having to break their budget on working with a siding company far from them, or worse, one that’s nearby but known for providing unreliable results. In order to ensure that the contractors, installers, and companies affiliated with J Custom Siding continue to provide such a high level of experience each one is provided with the most technical and up-to-date training available as well as a gigantic selection of siding brands, styles, colors, and accessories to make sure that the project is not only completed properly, but completed exactly as you want it to be.

We fully understand how important your house is to you and your family and are dedicated to doing whatever we can to ensure it’s dependability and beauty for decades to come. That’s why we specialize in vinyl siding , the most versatile and durable exterior house material on the market today, and why we present so many options to our customers when they’re first planning their house siding project. These factors help to ensure that whatever your house design choices may be, you can rest easy knowing that their beauty and resilience are the best possible. When that level of commitment to quality is spread over our nationwide network of experts and professionals in the field of house siding installation and servicing, there’s no doubt that J Custom Siding is the right siding company for you. So, take a moment to sign up for a free estimate with one of our siding contractors in your area. They’ll be able to give you a complete analysis of what your home could gain with vinyl siding and are qualified to complete all the work necessary to bring your home’s new look to life.


Can vinyl siding be installed by homeowners?

It’s not usually advisable for untrained individuals to try installing vinyl siding by themselves as a minor mistake in the process could affect the entire projects appearance, safety, and even ability to be finished. Furthermore, improperly installed vinyl siding can result in a host of potential issues which could be quite damaging to your home’s structure. To avoid all of these potential problems and ensure that your home looks as good as it can and is as protected as possible you should always hire a vinyl siding installer company. The cost is entirely up front, as no real maintenance is required to make the quality last and a professional siding contractor lends a very welcome peace of mind to this renovation.

Does my siding estimate factor in accessories like trim?

Certainly. During your free consultation your local siding contractors will discuss the style you’re interested in developing for your home and will specifically ask about accessories including trim, fascia, soffits, and J-channels to both protect and distinguish your home’s corners, eaves, windows, and doors. They’re happy to provide advice on these decisions if you’re unsure about the style you’re most interested in and will include any decisions you reach during this consultation in the written estimate they provide at the end of the visit.

How weather resistant is vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding that’s installed by a professional is one of the most weather resistant exterior materials your home could have. The material has a natural tendency to contract and expand, depending on the outside temperature and, when this is accounted for in its installation, you siding can withstand just about any temperatures. Furthermore, the airtight design of properly installed vinyl siding panels prevent strong winds, rain, or snow from building up within your walls and causing damage to the structure of your home. Best of all, these weather resistant qualities can usually be trusted to last for decades to come barring any truly extreme conditions or damages.

If I don’t like the color of vinyl siding I have, can I paint over it?

You can, yes. Painting over vinyl siding should be treated just like painting over any other material. One difficulty which this does create, however, is that once you paint your vinyl siding you must then maintain it like you would any other painted surface as well. This means that the maintenance-free nature of vinyl siding is no longer applicable and you will need to pay for fresh coats of paint every few years for your house to keep up it’s appearance. For some homeowners this increased need for treatment makes painting over vinyl siding unappealing and they simply elect to remove their old siding and replace it with a fresh set of panels in a new color.

What season is best to install vinyl siding?

Vinyl siding’s versatility means that it can be installed in nearly any climate and weather condition but perhaps the best conditions for vinyl siding installation would be a clear day with temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This will ensure that the material is not overly contracted or extended at the time of installation. It’s important to note, however, that the skilled and knowledgeable siding contractors at J Custom Siding have enough experience to provide perfect vinyl siding installations in nearly any climate or weather conditions that you can imagine. Speak with one of your local siding contractors to decide the timeline that works best for your schedule and they’ll be able to see your project through to the end.